5 seasons into the show and I’ve only just realized that the zombies walkers in The Walking Dead are so inconsistent because they are plot devices that drive the story along.

This year has been full of other startling realizations. Did you know that the 76ers are named because of the second Continental Congress in 1776? Did you know that the heater at home is in fact not broken?



On health

An annoying old man once told me that

90% of your questions can be answered with, “Because people are stupid.”

Mom has this lump on her throat that’s pretty big. She’s been neglecting it for the past few years citing one doctor who said it was no big deal. If it’s fucking cancer, I’ll be crying and face-palming pretty hard.

I really wish people were more proactive with their health. I understand that some people may choose not to vaccinate due to their beliefs and that is somewhat acceptable. Sticking to your guns is a positive character trait.

We make choices based on a strong conviction, and I respect that. What I find infuriating is when people are willfully negligent. Laziness is unacceptable, especially when faced with choices that are already made for you.

Which woman wouldn’t want to dramatically decrease their risk of cervical cancer with an HPV shot?

Which traveler wouldn’t want to be free to eat delightful third-world delicacies with a Hepatitis vaccine?

Closing up 2015

2015, the year Jessica Chastain plays another space hero and Matt Damon gets to escape a desolate planet as the good guy this time. The Martian captures a state of mind that I love so much to be in. That is to recognize how grand the greater experience is when you look across the vast horizon. I guess it’s just another way of saying, “Don’t miss of the forest for the trees.” With these closing thoughts in mind, I’m looking forward to dreaming big and working hard in the coming year.

Aside: If powerful, MAV-tipping sandstorms can occur unexpectedly on the surface Mars, isn’t it a huge design oversight that the Ares ascent vehicles are left unattended on the surface, just waiting to fall over?

Near death experience!

I was really looking forward to barbecuing up some chicken today. Had a weird dream that Gordon Ramsay was swearing at me while I mad a banh mi. Woke up pumped. I went to my yard, laid out my briquettes, got out my torch (briquette’s have been dry for many years now), and got ready to go. As I’m torching up the briquettes, my butane torch’s leak got out of hand and now the whole top is on fire. Quickly unscrew the thing and threw it away. Holy cow!

Gosh, at least let me survive finals week. *Shakes fist at heavens*

I threw my chicken in the oven instead.

WBSC Premier 12, and the embarrassment that is the Taiwanese managerial staff

Some people say baseball is boring and slow and that it’s just a game played one frame at a time between two people, the opposing pitcher and a batter. Well, they got the part about a two man show correct. It’s at least a 4 player game, because those old dudes sitting in the dugout? Well those managers play a pretty big role in the outcome, so I have seen in the Premier 12 tournament being held in Taiwan right now.

I stopped my Legacy of the Void binge to watch my favorite underdogs, Chinese Taipei, show the world once again what it means to shoot yourself in the foot, on purpose. Because this is the Taiwanese way.

Lovers of Taiwanese baseball, such as myself, are all too accustomed to watching heartbreak after heartbreak as our team self destructs because, why the hell not?

Jokes aside, in recent years the domestic talent has gotten quite good. In recent years, we’ve seen a massive surge in batting prowess develop within the CPBL, which is demonstrated by pitchers unable to hold ERAs lower than 4 and numerous players carrying ridiculous mid-300 batting averages for the duration of the season. Homeruns are up, too. But who knows? The CPBL might be using tennis balls like the South Koreans used last season.

Pitching quality has been very mixed. This generation has failed to yield anyone worth writing home about. Everyone is hits the mid/low 90s now but that’s sort of useless considering it’s all waist-high, down the center, and ready to be destroyed. Okay I’m exaggerating but really, most of the new blood is mediocre, and so many of the Major/Minor League washups have returned worse than they’ve ever been.

But baseball isn’t as simple as the players on the field. What I’m trying to say is that this iteration of the Taiwanese National Team has never been better offensively, which should make up for its mediocre pitching… unless the incompetent managerial staff decides to use their brains and ruin this delicate balance.

Last night I witnessed Taiwan fall to the Canadians due to Coach Kuo Tai-yuan’s master strategy of using only LHP against the predominately left-batting Canadian team. I mean this is a perfectly viable strategy, but this isn’t Starcraft, where you can use one strategy to make it up Gold League. His thought process must’ve been as follows:

  • I see my starting LHP getting rocked by the lefty hitters…
  • Let’s send another LHP onto the mound… he’s not doing so well either
  • Got anymore lefties? Use him! Clearly we’re having so much success with this… he’s faltering…
  • ONE MORE LEFTY! Because Chen Kuan-yu, the starter that got demolished in the opening game of the tournament, is a better option than any of the PROVEN right handed relievers. Yes! Because lefty against lefty has been working out so well today.

Taiwan lost 9-8 last night. 6 ER for the 4 left-handed pitchers vs the 2 ER for the 4 following RHPs. Because fuck winning right?

Baseball’s not that simple but the choices that were made last night were just infuriating.

To be honest I’m also pretty ticked off at Chiang Chih-hsien. That lazy washup has no business in the infield when he can’t turn two on routine plays.

Honestly, to start winning games, Kuo Tai-yuan really needs to be banned from any managerial spots in the future. His player selections revolve around recruiting players who have overseas experience, completely disregarding whatever abysmal numbers they’ve put up over the years. He’s also shown his masterful grasp of baseball tactics. I feel like I need to back up my opinions with evidence. I will deliver! And I will show that Mr. Kuo specializes in driving the teams he manages into the dirt.

For the record, I still maintain that our discount Ace, Kuo Chun-lin should’ve started against Canada. He’s touted as some fancy pants up and coming talent… I don’t buy it, but he’s competent. The truth is that because nobody wants to admit that he sucks and the Seibu Lions wasted a ton of money and a Foreign Player spot on this kid. Oh, and did I mention that Kuo Tai-yuan helped get facilitate this too?