March 7, 2018

I must’ve gotten up on the right side of the couch today, because man my mind was racing. I was having thoughts outside of the shower!

Anyway, apart from thinking about eating croissants, on my walk to work, I floated the thought of starting a business. I’m on call, so this thought died by the time I got into the office, but kind of rekindled on the way home.

See, Brian dropped by today. He shot down my business idea, but brought up some ideas about something super relevant to me: home decor. In this case automating blinds and creating art with things things that I’m passably functional at (coding). Okay, it all sounds mundane but I guess it excites me. Maybe I’m taking a look at things the wrong way. So often I conflate tech with pragmatism. Silly.

I think I’m going to try something.

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