Ready Player One

School’s out and in between now and work, I’ve started reading again. So I hopped ON the plane at LAX and started doing my thing. First on the list was Ready Player One a coming of age novel by Earnest Cline.

It was alright. I think I would’ve enjoyed it more if I were 10 years younger though. If I’m not mistaken, I think I came of age quite a few years ago, so some of the wit and humor made me roll my eyes, but if I stopped and made believe, I was young and awkward again! Well the last part still holds, but I can see my youth slipping away from me at the ripe old age of 25. Honestly, I can feel it! My knees ache after my runs now!

The book really cashes in on the whole nerds-are-cool thing and we’re beautiful in all shapes and sizes thing. All good. Super, super PC.

This is definitely a kids book. It’s full of facing your insecurities, puberty, girls, boys, love, breakups, identity crises. All normal things that we’ve all done once or twice. In the book, everyone prefers to play WoW all day because of weird global circumstances. Without giving too much away, our main characters are hyper nerds who obsess over the incarnate of Steve Jobs mixed with John Carmack with a healthy dose of high-functioning autism (when convenient). Then they do a dance which is something like that Adam Sandler movie, Pixels. Along the way they discover what it means to be nice people and that there are bad people in the world that must be punished.

I’ll add this to my niece and nephews’ booklist, I think they’ll love it.

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