5 seasons into the show and I’ve only just realized that the zombies¬†walkers in The Walking Dead are so inconsistent because they are plot devices that drive the story along.

This year has been full of other startling realizations. Did you know that the 76ers are named because of the second Continental Congress in 1776? Did you know that the heater at home is in fact not broken?



On health

An annoying old man once told me that

90% of your questions can be answered with, “Because people are stupid.”

Mom has this lump on her throat that’s pretty big. She’s been neglecting it for the past few years citing one doctor who said it was no big deal. If it’s fucking cancer, I’ll be crying and face-palming pretty hard.

I really wish people were more proactive with their health. I understand that some people may choose not to vaccinate due to their beliefs and that is somewhat acceptable. Sticking to your guns is a positive character trait.

We make choices based on a strong conviction, and I respect that. What I find infuriating is when people are willfully negligent. Laziness is unacceptable, especially when faced with choices that are already made for you.

Which woman wouldn’t want to dramatically decrease their risk of cervical cancer with an HPV shot?

Which traveler wouldn’t want to be free to eat delightful third-world delicacies with a Hepatitis vaccine?