Closing up 2015

2015, the year Jessica Chastain plays another space hero and Matt Damon gets to escape a desolate planet as the good guy this time. The Martian captures a state of mind that I love so much to be in. That is to recognize how grand the greater experience is when you look across the vast horizon. I guess it’s just another way of saying, “Don’t miss of the forest for the trees.” With these closing thoughts in mind, I’m looking forward to dreaming big and working hard in the coming year.

Aside: If powerful, MAV-tipping sandstorms can occur unexpectedly on the surface Mars, isn’t it a huge design oversight that the Ares ascent vehicles are left unattended on the surface, just waiting to fall over?

Near death experience!

I was really looking forward to barbecuing up some chicken today. Had a weird dream that Gordon Ramsay was swearing at me while I mad a banh mi. Woke up pumped. I went to my yard, laid out my briquettes, got out my torch (briquette’s have been dry for many years now), and got ready to go. As I’m torching up the briquettes, my butane torch’s leak got out of hand and now the whole top is on fire. Quickly unscrew the thing and threw it away. Holy cow!

Gosh, at least let me survive finals week. *Shakes fist at heavens*

I threw my chicken in the oven instead.