First Hackathon!

So I attended my first hackathon today! Put off another day’s worth of school work to do learn Android development.

Perhaps this wasn’t in the spirit of a hackathon, but I pitched a redo of Party Tracker, this time called blackoutben.

It’s not completely done yet, but I feel that when it is, this will be the app, finally done right, especially since location data is stored remotely on Google App Engine. Honestly, I feel like I could’ve done this last year too if I had learned about the available services on Internet. It’s really in times like these that I appreciate that I am no longer working in isolation.

I thought it was really neat how much coding up my Windows Phone 8.1 app helped in getting the Android app going. So many things carried over and in so many ways it was the same.

Perhaps the biggest thing is that I’m finally using version control. Saved my ass so many times today. I’m really unsure how Android Studio does Git. Checking out different branches does NOT add/remove files!

Here’s the repo.

Will post updates when it’s all finished.

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