March 7, 2018

I must’ve gotten up on the right side of the couch today, because man my mind was racing. I was having thoughts outside of the shower!

Anyway, apart from thinking about eating croissants, on my walk to work, I floated the thought of starting a business. I’m on call, so this thought died by the time I got into the office, but kind of rekindled on the way home.

See, Brian dropped by today. He shot down my business idea, but brought up some ideas about something super relevant to me: home decor. In this case automating blinds and creating art with things things that I’m passably functional at (coding). Okay, it all sounds mundane but I guess it excites me. Maybe I’m taking a look at things the wrong way. So often I conflate tech with pragmatism. Silly.

I think I’m going to try something.

March 6, 2018

Thinking of something memorable to put as the title is hard. Using the date on the other hand… so quick… so easy. It’s the way it should be.

In the midst of my shower thoughts tonight, which are really just an extension of my couch thoughts, I started thinking some specific thoughts.

I’m not sure if I’m a lush, green type of person. There’s something about the burnt orange and dusty air of the south west that is just so welcoming. The chatter of leaves as they blow in the wind and how they crunch like potato chips underneath my feet is an impression that is so firmly established in my mind that it almost has a texture that I can feel.

I think a vacation is long overdue.

Swim gods

I survived! The day after that swim, my body basically imploded. It conjured up a pretty wild story about that time reddit saved this new lifter from rhabdomyolysis.

Okay I felt bad but not that bad. On a normal day I’m at like a 5/10. Yesterday was definitely about -7.

Swim gods telling me to stop trying to be a fish. I’m a land animal.

Anyway I went home and crashed for 14 hours and woke up to snow outside. 😳

Well I’m Oky again. Btw it’s a left Twix day.

Feb 20

Wow. I’m not good at updating this blog at all. It’s been a year and a half with Arabella now. Not quite the same dog anymore.

Roof dog

It’s been so long since I’ve written coherent sentences that this post is kind of difficult to formulate.

So what’s been going on? Well I got free coffee at Victrola today on account of forgetting my wallet.

Apart from that… oh I know. I’ve been auto-domesticating super hard these past few weeks. I’ve spent such a disproportionate amout of time researching washer and dryers. I never knew I cared this much about appliances. Actually, I never knew there were so many laundry enthusiasts out there. I’m talking about people who post YouTube videos comparing this year’s washer against the one they got last year. I’m just glad my closet is too small for me to entertain the thought of exploring this, would you call it a hobby?

On the topic of laundry. These machines are basically irony manifested in machine form. To design a washer or dryer must take some real mental gymnastics. Imagine you’re a laundry engineer. You want this thing to clean and dry well. So this machine’s obviously gotta be all tumbly and knocking about and what not. Meanwhile your second objective is to make this machine whisper quiet. 🤨

Yea also, I’m getting back in touch with my DIY side too. I am so excited to crimp my own Ethernet cables this weekend…

Truly, as I get older, I’m becoming so easily amused.

Good night.

Snappychat weekend.

As I enter the 4th week of dog ownership, I am now entering the point of no return! Not that I was ever going to exercise the option to return Arabella. She brings some welcome order to my life, but not only that, honestly, a newfound sense of responsibility. Her underbite is cute too.

We’ve still got a lot to work on in terms of her fear and anxiety, but we’re chugging right along. There’s nothing that a little patience and commitment can’t solve.

Except for when it comes to softball. 18 runs in an inning to win the game was only about smashing the ball as fucking hard as we could.

As an aside, I went to my first vegan restaurant. Plant Food and Wine. It was unexpectedly good.

Field report

More like garage report.

I tried going to school and sitting through a lecture, it was a bad idea. More people got mugged or shot around school. It’s safer in the garage.

Getting ready to meet my new best friend on Saturday. My mail-order bride dog is coming from Taiwan. 😀

I came across this on the internet.

With greatness comes humility, with mediocrity comes pride.

This distance education thing

Okay, technically, I’m not enrolled in the distance education program at school, but I’ve still got access to all the video recordings! I used to think that distance education was bullshit and that interactivity is essential to learning. I’m calling bullshit on myself. Well, just partially. If I were doing research this semester then there’s a good reason to be at school. Clearly these things are contextual.

I’ve been to grad school enough times to learn a thing or two. Distilled, I’ve learned that I just want to learn some stuff and then get on with my life. USC has taught me that my life is precious and that I should maximize my life expectancy by not hanging around school so much. A mugging happened on the same block a half hour after we left to look at the golden retriever puppy.

So I did some shower analysis and came up with this.

Over the past few semesters, I’ve identified that the cost of switching into school-mode and chill-out mode is insanely high. I waste so much time walking to and from classes or falling asleep in the 2nd hour of my 3 hour lecture (lol USC). Sometimes I go over to Ivan’s and then fall asleep on the floor. A gigantic portion of my day is just not productive, simply because poor scheduling divides my waking hours into too many disjoint partitions. Armed with this afterthought, I’ve opted to just stay at home and 9-5 this this semester. I wake up in the morning and just work. And it’s been good.

Thus far, I’m up to date with my lectures, eat all my meals, caught up with my friends, chit-chatted with my neighbors, and get my exercise in. All evidence is suggesting that the best way to do school is to not be at school.

I’ll report back on this topic in a week.